The tintype studio



Makers of one-off photographic images using a Victorian technique reimagined in the 21st Century.

The Wet-plate Collodion process is a return to picture making as a craft. It’s slow photography. Every image we make is handmade from start to finish and the end result is an image on a plate rendered in silver.


Portrait shoots in wet plate collodion. Immortalised in a one-off silver portrait.




Learn the wet plate process from a team who have worked with clients such at The Photographer’s Gallery and Toast.

‘Small Trades’ series.

An homage to photographer Irving Penn, who produced an incredible series of portraits capturing workers from all walks of life in Paris, London and New York in the 1950’s. Rather than shoot them in their working environment, he decided to place them all against the same backdrop with the same lighting and just something to define what they did. This series inspired us to create a series of the same workers but in Lego.