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Small Trades

#Small Trades Boxer

#Small Trades Boxer

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Glass plate image. 120mmx165mm Ambrotype.

A homage to a photography hero of mine, Irvine Penn. This series of ambrotypes using the wet plate collodion process, recreates the studies of Penn but using Lego men. “For me, growing up with lego and always being asked what I wanted to do with my life, I found by combining Lego and Penn’s portraits of the tradesmen the pictures evoked both childish dreamlike aspiration and the reality of working life.”.

To make this ambrotype, I took a sheet of glass, meticulously cleaned and hand coated it with collodion, the base bonding layer for the silver nitrate sensitising agent, then an exposure of a number of seconds before the plater is hand developed, fixed and washed. Then varnished and the back coated in black plate to reveal the positive image.

Ambrotypes are one-offs, completely unique and uses the same process Victorian photographers used in the mid 1850’s.

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