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the tintype studio


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A process invented over 150 years ago, reimagined in the 21st century

Imagine an image made of silver, a picture rendered on metal and a photograph which is completely unique. Hand made from start to finish by a team of photographers and craftsmen. The Tintype Studio use a darkroom process invented by the Victorians combined with state of the art lighting to create objects of beauty.



Each plate is handmade in the darkroom, carefully made and coated in collodion and silver nitrate to create a light sensitive plate, a one-off base to make a unique image. 


The plate is placed in a Victorian camera with superb optics and the picture is made using modern flash lights and an exposure of a few seconds. A collaboration between model and photographer.



The image is developed in the on-site darkroom, then the negative picture transforms in the fixing bath as you watch to reveal a positive image from the picture exposed a few moments before

“The appeal of a tintype for me is a return to picture-making as a craft, a skill, as well as an artistic endeavour. Tintype is the complete antithesis of digital photography; it‘s time-consuming and expensive, requires a knowledge of chemistry and skill with a camera. The end result is a single object, an image made literally of silver, which cannot be replicated, and that‘s the beauty of it for me.” James Millar, founder